Meet the Capital Investment Team

Anne Dyjak, Managing Director

Phone: 212-437-3920Email:

Anne Dyjak serves as PCDC’s Managing Director, responsible for leading the Capital Investment group. Anne is responsible for the establishment and implementation of PCDC’s strategy for increasing the access to capital in communities to achieve health equity.

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William O’Brien, Chief Lending Officer

Phone: 212-437-3950Email:

In 2011, Bill O’Brien joined PCDC as the Chief Lending Officer, responsible for managing the Capital Investment team’s efforts to help providers expand and transform their practices through traditional and structured financing.

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Gita Rao, Chief Credit Officer

Phone: 212-437-3959Email:

Since joining PCDC in 2015, Gita Rao has served as Chief Credit Officer, primarily responsible for working with her colleagues to originate debt and New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) investments in community health care providers and performing outreach and ongoing relationship management with health care providers through the term of the investment.

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Nancy B. Lager, MPH, MSUP, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3922Email:

Since joining PCDC in 1999, Nancy has advised health centers nationwide on project development and financing, underwriting loans to promote all stages of facility development.

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David Desai-Ramirez, Senior Director, Western Region Market Leader

Phone: 213-262-3510Email:

David Desai-Ramirez is the Senior Director, Western Region Market Leader for PCDC based in the Los Angeles office.

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Richard Reynoso, Portfolio Management Director

Phone: 212-437-3919Email:

Richard Reynoso is Portfolio Management Director for the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC).

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Johvanna Sampson, Senior Loan Officer

Phone: 212-437-3932Email:

Johvanna Sampson joined PCDC in October 2016 as a Senior Loan Officer, underwriting loans, New Markets Tax Credit, and Bond transactions, and developing relationships with community health centers nationally.

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Michaele Evans, Loan Officer

Phone: 213-262-3512Email:

Joining PCDC in 2014, Michaele Evans serves as a Loan Officer on the Capital Investment team, where she underwrites loans and NMTC transactions.

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Robert McDermott, Loan Portfolio Manager

Phone: 212-437-3934Email:

Robert McDermott joined PCDC in 2017 and serves as the Loan Portfolio Manager on the Capital Investment team. Robert is responsible for the day-to-day management of PCDC’s loan portfolio.

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Thearada Namcharoen, Analyst

Phone: 212-437-3966Email:

Thearada (Teddy) Namcharoen serves as an Analyst for the Capital Investment team, where she is responsible for leading analytics for financial statements and portfolio management.

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Meredith Steinman, Program Coordinator

Phone: 212-437-3958Email:

Meredith Steinman provides overall project management and administrative support to the Capital Investments team.

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