Oscar Marquez, M.Ed.

Senior Program Manager and Project Director

Contact: omarquez@pcdc.org

Oscar Marquez is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2017 to expand the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) program. Oscar supported growing the reach of PCDC’s services to a Spanish-speaking audience, including work in Puerto Rico. Today, Oscar leads the CDC-funded High-Impact Prevention in Health Care program, which provides HIV prevention training and technical assistance to health care organizations and health departments with clinical settings. Prior to PCDC, Oscar worked at Altamed Health Services, implementing direct client prevention services such as prevention case management, HIV testing and counseling, group level interventions, individual level interventions, and recruitment and retention. Subsequently, Oscar worked at Shared Action at APLA Health, a nationally recognized CBA program, where he oversaw the development, implementation, and quality assurance of distance-learning technologies (e.g., website and online trainings). Throughout his career, Oscar has worked across the nation to provide capacity building for HIV prevention services and to maximize resources for providers who would not otherwise have access to quality prevention resources. Oscar holds a bachelor’s in public health from Walden University and a Master of Education in instructional design from Western Governors University.

Oscar’s areas of expertise are:

  • Design and development of distance learning resources
  • Bilingual services
  • Serving HIV+ communities
  • Culturally responsive care
  • LGBTQ+ issues