Our Impact

PCDC’s commitment to primary care has led to remarkable results: better access to primary care and improved health outcomes across the country, leading to stronger communities and healthier people. Since our founding, PCDC has leveraged capital investment to improve access to high-quality primary care and advance health equity. PCDC-funded projects have created or preserved thousands of jobs and brought investment, technical assistance, and training to primary care practices, improving access and quality in communities nationwide.

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Since our founding in 1993

  • $1.5B
    Leveraged in financing
  • 4.8M
    Primary care visits created
  • 20,000
    Jobs created or preserved
    • PCDC lends where it matters

    • Our capital projects increase access to high-quality primary care in underserved communities - click the arrows below to see where PCDC lends.

    • 98%

      are located in counties with a low supply of primary care physicians

    • 90%

      are located in census tracts with uninsured rates higher than the US average

    • 83%

      are located in census tracts defined as low-income areas

    • 48%

      are located in census tracts defined as high poverty areas

    • 79%

      are in a census tract that is predominately a community of color

    • 20%

      are located in a rural census tract

Stories of impact

Over the last 30 years, our work has led to tangible outcomes and unique contributions to the field of primary care. These stories highlight a snapshot of these successes.

  • In the Greater New Orleans area, CrescentCare is known for delivering high-quality, person-centered health care through the NO/AIDS Task Force, which was founded in 1983 in response to the AIDS crisis. For 20 years, we supported this community-based organization to become and then thrive as an FQHC. In 2017, we provided $21 million in financing for a new 64,000-square-foot campus. This facility enabled CrescentCare to triple its capacity and create or preserve over 450 jobs.


    New Orleans

  • Renewal House is the only residential addiction treatment program for pregnant women and their children in Middle Tennessee, an area of over 17,000 square miles. In 2020, they received financing from us to build an on-site clinic to meet medical and mental health needs, expand individual and group therapy, and provide parenting skills classes, relapse prevention courses and vocational support, as well as a children’s program to improve social and emotional development. This 35,000-square-foot facility allows Renewal House to double the number of families served through its addiction treatment and recovery programs.

    Renewal House

    Nashville, TN

  • Callen-Lorde Community Health Center was among the first organizations to receive financing from us, and over the past almost 30 years of continued partnership, we provided $44 million in financing over 10 separate loans for their centers in Chelsea, Manhattan, and downtown Brooklyn as well as technical assistance to support their delivery of high-quality primary care. Our commitment has extended across the country to the LGBTQ+ community, serving clinics that create safe and welcoming spaces for high-quality care, and those living with HIV and AIDS, providing technical assistance and financing in some of the communities hit hardest by the HIV epidemic.

    Callen Lorde Community Health Center

    New York, New York

  • Through a $16 million financing package, we and other funders provided the capital for two new health care supercenters in rural California. Occupying 48,000 square feet, these sites provide the full spectrum of health care for almost 30,000 people and created 120 full-time jobs and 91 construction jobs.

    Community Health Centers of Central Coast, Inc.

    Lompoc, CA

Our Team

Meet the Whole Team

Our team includes researchers, policy experts, and communications specialists who conduct research and analyze data to understand the current state of primary care access and health inequities—informing stronger policies and interventions in communities.

Angela Allard, MPH

Anna Popinchalk, MPH


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