Chaim Shmulewitz

Senior Operations Manager


Chaim Shmulewitz is a Senior Operations Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2015 as a project coordinator to assist with operations across the unit. Today, Chaim provides project management for clinical and population health projects, supporting training, technical assistance, and coaching for community health centers, independent practice associations, and others. In supporting clients, Chaim ensures that projects meet their goals, are on time, and achieve PCDC’s high standard for quality. Prior to PCDC, Chaim served as assistant to the executive director of the Association of American Law Schools, where his responsibilities included policy research and analysis, data analysis, and member services. During his career at PCDC, he has supported PCDC’s CDC-funded High-Impact Prevention in Health Care team, HRSA-funded Center for Ryan White Sustainable Strategies, and SAMHSA-funded Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions with the National Council for Behavioral Health. Chaim holds a bachelor’s in government from IDC Herzilya and a master’s in global security studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Chaim’s areas of expertise are:

  • Project management
  • Program implementation
  • Virtual programming