Anna Popinchalk, MPH

Director of Research & Evaluation


Anna Popinchalk joined PCDC as the Director of Research and Evaluation, where she provides vision and oversight for evaluating the impact of PCDC’s work and researching primary care access. As an accomplished public health researcher with over a decade of experience, her motivation as a researcher is to generate evidence that can be used to improve access to quality healthcare and address health inequities. She has a strong background in policy relevant research, data management, interdivisional collaboration, and stakeholder engagement. She is also skilled in utilizing project management tools to guide complex research and data initiatives from start to finish. Most recently, as a Senior Research Associate at the Guttmacher Institute, Anna was the Research Coordinator for the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission and worked on the first country-level estimates of abortion and unintended pregnancy. Prior to Guttmacher, Anna worked at Family Tree Clinic, which inspired her career in public health. Anna has published papers in The LancetDemographyBMJ Global Health, and BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. Anna received her BA in Geography with a concentration in Community and Global Health from Macalester College, and MPH in Population and Family Health from Columbia University with a certificate in Sexuality, Sexual, and Reproductive Health.