Shereen Santalesa

Director of Human Resources


As a seasoned Human Resources Management leader, Shereen Santalesa has curated a rich professional career, bringing deep expertise in human resources, operations, people, culture, and leadership from her work in the nonprofit, corporate, and professional services business sectors. She has built and scaled national and international human resources teams and systems infrastructure, which have proven to be resilient and productive through recessions, climate change crisis events, humanitarian unrest, and a pandemic. Whether working as a management consultant or “in-house” as a human resources leader, her approach remains centered on this goal: “Not if, but how.” Shereen brings professional maturity and an entrepreneurial instinct of knowing when to move with the tide, push back, and balance priorities without ego. Enhancing organizational health and agility from the inside (out) inspires her. Shereen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the City University of New York at Queens College, an Executive MBA from Fordham University, and completed her Human Resources Certification and training at Cornell University.