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What PCDC Invests In

PCDC’s Capital Investment team catalyzes the transformation and expansion of primary care around the country by providing capital to help providers achieve their goals of improved care and population health in their communities.


square feet

clinic space improved

Toward those ends, PCDC has invested in:

  • Service expansion: Construction of new sites, renovation of existing sites, business acquisition, and site acquisition
  • Care integration: Capacity expansion to integrate new or existing medical, dental, and/or behavioral health services and provide for care coordination
  • Specialized service expansion: Women’s health, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, physical/occupational therapy, expanded medical specialties within the primary care setting, construction of in-house pharmacies


annual primary care visits

added through expansion

  • Community needs expansion: Construction of demonstration kitchens, gyms, walking tracks, classrooms, learning centers, community meeting rooms
  • Establishment of alternative delivery methods: Mobile vans, telehealth capacity
  • Expansion support: Working capital supporting expansion projects
  • Other care delivery enhancements: Electronic health records installation, high-end equipment acquisition (e.g., radiology equipment, transportation capacity)

PCDC’s financial products

PCDC offers a variety of financial products designed to deliver affordable capital for primary care providers across the country. Our product offerings include:

For more information on PCDC’s financial products, please contact William O’Brien, Chief Lending Officer.