Transformation Loan Fund

PCDC's Transformation Loan Fund enables health centers and other providers to undertake critical investments that support new delivery and payment models.

Our Transformation Loan Fund enables health centers to undertake critical investments in new delivery and payment models. The fund provides patient capital that enables providers to adapt delivery models and reposition for success in the changing health care environment.

In order to deliver higher quality care to more people while minimizing costs, many states and payers have instituted radical delivery systems and payment reforms that have required significant changes, including:

  • Upgrading electronic health record systems (EHRs) to include outcomes measurement and real-time information exchange
  • Implementing patient-centered service integration efforts to provide comprehensive care, including medical, dental, and behavioral health services
  • Expanding the workforce, particularly non-providers who can extend clinical capacity, engage patients in consistent care, and analyze cost and outcomes data
  • Diversifying care delivery models, including telehealth, mobile care, and others

By accessing capital to implement technology upgrades, additional staffing and new care models, providers can maximize their outcomes-based revenues.

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