PCDC Community Investment

Who we are

PCDC is a national community development financial institution (CDFI), with a 25 year history of investing in the communities that need it most to improve the health of local residents. PCDC’s Capital Investment team invests in communities by providing advisory services and responsible, affordable loan capital. Given our mission and expertise, PCDC is uniquely positioned to provide financing that is tailored to transforming and expanding primary care, including, wherever possible, the co-location of medical, dental, and behavioral health services.

How we help

PCDC provides strategic advice to help organizations that are planning facility development projects, and offers a variety of affordable and flexible short-term and long-term loan products to support those capital projects as well as other business expansions. PCDC’s Capital Investment staff understand primary care business models, and stay on top of policy changes that affect revenue streams and health center regulations so that we can best advise borrowers on what it takes to successfully finance capital projects in a changing health care environment.

To fund our loans, we raise impact-focused capital from government, banks, and foundations. We also partner with other community lenders and advocates who are also dedicated to catalyzing excellence in primary care to ensure we can meet all borrowers’ needs, regardless of project size.

1 Billion

dollars invested

in low-income communities


PCDC has a proven investment track record with over $1 billion invested in the communities in which we serve, and with recognition from:

  • Aeris, the CDFI rating agency, with a Four-star impact performance rating with Policy Plus and AA financial strength and performance rating
  • Health Resources and Services Administration as the Lender Coordinator for the Community Health Center Loan Guarantee Program
  • Wells Fargo NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance (2012)
  • Wachovia-Wells Fargo NEXT Award for
    • CDFI Excellence for Advocacy (2007)
    • Innovation (2001)
  • Driehaus Capital Management Social Compact Award for our partnership with JP Morgan (1999)

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