Research Highlights

PCDC seeks to understand the current state of primary care access, quality, cost, and the health inequities that accompany insufficient and low-quality primary care. Our data-driven approach helps us promote effective policies and practices as well as gauge the impact of our interventions.

Our research priorities include:

  • Collecting and analyzing data to assess the impact of our work and to inform our strategic decisions and growth opportunities.
  • Conducting generative research to pinpoint areas of underfunding and opportunities for increased investment that would improve access and produce better, more equitable health outcomes.

The latest evidence generated by PCDC can be found in our Points on Care series, data dashboards, and other relevant reports.


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April 23, 2024

New York State Primary Care Scorecard


July 7, 2023

Points on Care: Redlining and New York City: A Lens on Primary Care and Maternal Health


August 10, 2022

Access to Primary Care in New York State (2022)


July 22, 2022

Points on Care: More Primary Care Providers Mean Better Health for New Yorkers


May 27, 2022

Investing in Primary Care: The Pathway to Better Health and Equity in the United States


January 24, 2022

Points on Care: Characteristics of Primary Care Providers in New York State


January 27, 2021

Points on Care: Rising Need for Behavioral Health Integration


July 15, 2020

Points on Care: California Primary Care Access


May 20, 2020

Points on Care: COVID-19 and Chronic Disease Deepen Health Disparities for Many New Yorkers


October 23, 2019

Points on Care: A New Quarterly Series (2019)


May 20, 2019

Rural Access to Primary Care in New York State