Policy & Advocacy

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Primary care is being recognized for its essential role in improving individual and community health. But to reach its full potential, primary care needs supportive policies and sufficient funding. PCDC works with primary care providers, policymakers, industry leaders, and other advocates to advance policies that increase access to quality primary care, enabling it to more successfully improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and improve health equity.

Our expertise

PCDC’s expertise is built on our understanding of the rapidly changing health care policy environment and marketplace, and our deep experience investing in and strengthening primary care in underserved communities.

Our policy prioritiesOne per 10000 infographic

  • Preserve Access to Primary Care: Because quality primary care is transformational and a cornerstone of healthy, thriving communities, the Primary Care Development Corporation urges policy makers to embrace these core primary care principles in order to assure comprehensive and affordable coverage, access, capacity, and quality. Read more.
  • Strengthen Primary Care Delivery: A strong foundation of high-quality primary care is essential to more effective, accessible, and affordable health care for all. PCDC works for policies that enable more primary care practices to become sustainable patient-centered medical homes. Medical homes have demonstrated considerable success at improving health outcomes and reducing overall health care costs, by providing care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, and accessible.
  • Expand and Sustain Primary Care Investment: Driven by a lack of sufficient investment (primary care is just 5-7% of health care spending) more than 70 million Americans (1 in 4) do not have a usual primary care provider. Many primary care providers do not have the resources to meet the increasingly challenging requirements posed by new payment models. PCDC supports policies that direct a greater share of health care dollars to primary care, in order to grow the primary care workforce and infrastructure, and to ensure that providers have the resources they need to meet expectations under these new models.
  • Support Healthy Communities: For too long community health has suffered because of health care services that are uncoordinated and fail to address social determinants of health, such as housing, education, and income. PCDC supports policies that integrate primary care with behavioral health, specialty care, and social services, and that support community investment to achieve health and overall well-being.

How we make a difference

  • Develop and advance meaningful policy proposals that improve primary care financing, reimbursement, service delivery, and workforce training and pipeline
  • Partner with primary care and community development organizations to advance common goals
  • Educate key federal, state, and local policymakers