Financial Management & Literacy

PCDC helps providers gain key knowledge and insight into their financials to ensure their continued capacity to serve their communities.

We bring deep expertise in enabling providers and practices to understand the drivers of their day-to-day operations and capacity for growth.

  • 1,100
    practices reached Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition
  • $27M
    achieved in NY incentive payments for practices in 2022
  • 90%
    of training participants demonstrate improvement in knowledge, skills, and confidence

We help your bottom line

Health care has complicated revenue streams and expenses, and increasingly require more advanced business, finance, and management skills.

Our experts work with organizations to gain a foundational knowledge of the drivers of their revenue and expenses such as understanding accounting, reviewing revenue cycle key performance indicators, and demystifying billing and coding practices. We help organizations to understand their current financial state and to make the changes necessary to continue to succeed and grow.

We train. We coach. We consult.

Our team works with practices to build confidence and skills in addressing the financial well-being of their business. Areas of focus include:

  1. Reviewing and aligning health plan contracts to inform quality improvement activities
  2. Understanding operational drivers of expenses
  3. Establishing and tracking revenue cycle key performance indicators
  4. Analyzing opportunities to improve revenue capture from health plans and government payers
  5. Improving billing and coding practices
  6. Engaging staff at all levels in their organization’s financial success
Learn about our training

Financial Management Tips for Providers

Financial Management Tips for Providers

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