Below is a listing of PCDC staff organized by department. Please click on the staff member’s name for their bio. Join our expert team, visit our career opportunities and see our impact!

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Office of the CEO

Louise Cohen, MPH, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 212-437-3917Email:

Louise Cohen is the Chief Executive Officer of the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC), a not-for-profit community development financial institution dedicated to expanding and strengthening the primary care safety net in the United States.

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Jennifer Lyons, Special Projects Coordinator

Phone: 212-437-3916Email:

Jennifer Lyons is a Special Projects Coordinator in the Office of the CEO. She joined PCDC in 2022 to provide support to Louise Cohen, CEO, facilitate Board communication and guide a range of projects across the organization.

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Clinical and Quality Partners

Isaac Kastenbaum, MPA, Vice President

Phone: 212-437-3911Email:

Isaac Kastenbaum is the Vice President of the Clinical and Quality Partners team and a member of the organization’s senior executive team. Isaac joined PCDC in 2020 to deepen its expertise in primary care transformation and value-based payment and to expand the breadth of partners, stakeholders, and communities where PCDC could have an impact.

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Henrietta Croswell, MPH, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3938Email:

Henrietta Croswell is a Senior Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2012 to support the unit’s Patient-Centered Medical Home and practice facilitation efforts.

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Deborah Johnson Ingram, MPH, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3935Email:

Deborah Johnson Ingram is a Senior Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2010 to support Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition and practice facilitation efforts.

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Christina Lindstrom, Senior Director, West Coast

Phone: 310-295-2519 Email:

Christina Lindstrom is a Senior Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2022 to support the unit’s growing body of work in California, Oregon and Washington. She is responsible for overseeing project engagements in this region and leading the expansion of PCDC’s advisory services within these three states.

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Julie Schilz, Senior Director, Integrated Care

Phone: 212-437-3956Email:

Julie Schilz is a Senior Director on the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2022 to support initiatives focused on Primary Care Integration.

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Dane Ligoure, MA, MBA, PCMH CCE, Director of Operations

Phone: 212-437-3926Email:

Dane Ligoure is Director of Operations in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. He joined PCDC in 2003 as a project coordinator, supporting primary care practices to improve clinical outcomes.

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Catherine Jones, Director of Grants

Phone: 212-437-3918Email:

Catherine Jones is the Director of Grants in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2020 to grow and drive grant fundraising strategies and resource development for the organization.

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Maia Bhirud Morse, MPH, CPC, Director

Phone: 212-437-3913Email:

Maia Bhirud Morse is a Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2012 to grow the organization’s focus on practice operations, school-based health, and medical coding for quality.

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Ilse Bell, MD, PCMH CCE, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3955Email:

Dr. Ilse Bell joins PCDC as Senior Program Manager. She is a results-oriented healthcare professional with extensive knowledge and application of medical home standards and best practices.

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Erin Girardi, MPH, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3907Email:

Erin Girardi is a Senior Program Manager with the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2023 with a focus on HIV Integrated Care & Practice Transformation.

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Judy Lipshutz, MSW, RN, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3912Email:

Judy Lipshutz is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2017 to support providers’ efforts to integrate sexual and reproductive health, HIV, and STI prevention into primary care services. 

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Yael S. Lipton, MPH, MCHES, Training and Curriculum Development Specialist

Phone: 212-437-3949Email:

Yael Lipton is a Training and Curriculum Development Specialist in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2016 to expand the organization’s training capacities in sexual and reproductive health, care coordination, motivational interviewing, patient-centered care, and health literacy.

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Shannon Lea, MPH, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3932Email:

Shannon Lea is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2022 to support the revenue cycle needs of our primary care and our sexual and reproductive health provider partners.

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Oscar Marquez, M.Ed., Senior Program Manager and Project Director

Phone: 212-437-3921Email:

Oscar Marquez is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2017 to expand the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) program.

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Anuja Solanki, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3965Email:

Anuja Solanki is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2017 to support primary care practice transformation through coaching for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition; quality improvement and data reporting; and electronic medical record (EMR) utilization and optimization.

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Rachel House, Senior Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3944Email:

Rachel House is a Senior Project Manager, Healthcare Finance and Business Operations, on the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2022 to support and expand financial management consultative services and program development.

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Nancy Morisseau, MPH, Senior Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3941Email:

Nancy Morisseau is a Senior Project Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2022 focused on HIV, Gender Affirming and Integrated Care.

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Chaim Shmulewitz, Senior Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3960Email:

Chaim Shmulewitz is a Senior Project Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2015 as a project coordinator to assist with operations across the unit.

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Kimberly Mirabella, CPC-A, PCMH CCE, Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3931Email:

Kimberly Mirabella is a Project Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2006 as an administrative assistant and developed a passion for PCDC’s health care focus. 

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Maisha Khan, Project Coordinator

Phone: 212-437-3948Email:

Maisha Khan is a Project Coordinator on the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2022 to provide support for the designing and development of project tools, along with data tracking and evaluation for sponsor and client organizations.

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Capital Investment

William O’Brien, Managing Director

Phone: 212-437-3950Email:

Bill O'Brien serves as the Managing Director of Capital Investment at PCDC. In 2011, Bill O’Brien joined PCDC as the Chief Credit Officer, responsible for managing the Capital Investment team’s efforts to help providers expand and transform their practices through traditional and structured financing.

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Nancy B. Lager, MPH, MSUP, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3922Email:

Since joining PCDC in 1999, Nancy has advised health centers nationwide on project development and financing, underwriting loans to promote all stages of facility development.

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Anne Geggie, MA, Senior Director, Portfolio Management

Phone: 212-437-3954Email:

Anne joins PCDC as Senior Director of Portfolio Management with two decades of experience in community development finance. Most recently, she was the Program Director at Strive USA.

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Richard Reynoso, Portfolio Management Director

Phone: 212-437-3919Email:

Richard Reynoso is Portfolio Management Director for the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC).

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Eleanor Beaber, Senior Loan Officer

Phone: 212-437-3909Email:

Eleanor joins PCDC as the Senior Loan Officer. She is an experienced social impact investment and healthcare leader.

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Chris McMartin, Senior Loan Officer

Phone: 213-212-9807Email:

Chris joins PCDC as a Senior Loan Officer. He is responsible for business development, fundraising, new product development, and growing PCDC’s loan volume in the Western U.S.

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Tiffany Lopez, Loan Officer

Phone: 212-437-3971Email:

Tiffany currently serves as Loan Officer at PCDC. She joined PCDC in 2021 as a Loan Associate on the Capital Investment Team. In her role Tiffany assists the lending team in working with community health centers, underwriting projects, identifying investment opportunities and closing investments.

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Laurie Garrett, Underwriter

Phone: 212-437-3908Email:

Laurie is the Underwriter for PCDC's Capital Investment team. She has extensive experience in community development finance, having recently completed 15 years as Senior Lender and Director of Special Initiatives at IFF.

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Robert McDermott, Senior Loan Portfolio Manager

Phone: 212-437-3934Email:

Robert McDermott joined PCDC in 2017 and serves as the Senior Loan Portfolio Manager on the Capital Investment team. Robert is responsible for the day-to-day management of PCDC’s loan portfolio.

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Tom Dolan, Manager, New Markets Tax Credits

Phone: 212-437-3915Email:

Tom Dolan joins the Primary Care Development Corporation as the Manager of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC). Tom is an industry leader in NMTC, community development, and real estate finance.

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Thearada Namcharoen, Associate, Portfolio Management

Phone: 212-437-3966Email:

Thearada (Teddy) Namcharoen serves as an Associate of Portfolio Management for the Capital Investment team, where she is responsible for leading analytics for financial statements and portfolio management.

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Meredith Steinman, Associate and NMTC Coordinator

Phone: 212-437-3958Email:

Meredith Steinman serves as Associate and NMTC Coordinator. She provides overall project management and administrative support to the Capital Investments team.

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Strategy and Public Affairs

Cynthia Summers, DrPH, MPH, Managing Director

Phone: 212-437-3933Email:

Dr. Cynthia Summers joins PCDC as the Managing Director of Strategy & Public Affairs, where she provides vision for and oversight of communications, policy & advocacy, and evaluation & analytics.

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Jordan Goldberg, J.D., Director of Policy

Phone: 212-437-3947Email:

Jordan Goldberg joined PCDC as the Director of Policy after more than a dozen years leading policy at national organizations that advance reproductive health access and promote health equity.

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Joe Telano, Senior Policy Manager

Phone: 212-437-3945Email:

Joe Telano joined PCDC as a Senior Policy Manager after spending over three years working on Capitol Hill for Congressman Mike Doyle. While on Capitol Hill, Joe served as Congressman Doyle’s health policy advisor and was also a policy fellow for the Wilson Center.

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Anna Popinchalk, MPH, Director of Research & Evaluation

Phone: 212-437-3959Email:

Anna Popinchalk joined PCDC as the Director of Research & Evaluation, where she provides vision and oversight for evaluating the impact of PCDC’s work and researching primary care access.

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Angela Allard, MPH, Research & Evaluation Manager

Phone: 212-437-3936Email:

Angela joined PCDC’s Evaluation and Analytics team to support the design of program evaluation and data management resources across PCDC’s units, make PCDC’s data understandable and actionable, and perform analyses on primary care across the U.S.

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Alexis Simonetti, Health Data Analyst

Phone: 212-437-3952Email:

Alexis serves as the Health Data Analyst on the Evaluation and Analytics team to support key analytics and research projects on primary care access and organizational impact.

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Aja-Maree Smith, CDC PHAP Evaluation and Analytics Fellow

Phone: 212-437-3923Email:

Aja-Maree Smith is PCDC’s CDC Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) Evaluation and Analytics Fellow. She works in PCDC’s Strategy and Public Affairs Department supporting enterprise-wise impact evaluation and primary care access analytics for PCDC’s target markets.

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Jonathan Yan, Communications Manager

Phone: 212-437-3929Email:

Jonathan Yan (he/him/his) joins PCDC as Communications Manager to help expand the organization’s strategic marketing communications and media relations efforts. Jonathan brings over nine years of marketing and communications experience.

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Finance and Administration

Dan Lehman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 212-437-3927Email:

Dan joined PCDC in May, 2021 and serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

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Jae Leung, Senior Director of Finance

Phone: 212-437-3940Email:

Jae joined PCDC in 2006, and has extensive nonprofit accounting and financial management experience. As Senior Director of Finance, Jae oversees PCDC’s finance department including implementation of policies, procedures, and controls; preparation of budgets, financial statements, and operating reports; and managing government contracts and grants.

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Amy Barnett, Director of Administration

Phone: 212-437-3914Email:

Amy is responsible for ensuring that PCDC is operating efficiently and effectively; setting strategic human resource and administrative direction; and supporting and sustaining a progressive, dynamic, collaborative, and team-spirited organizational culture.

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Brittany Davis, Office Manager

Phone: 212-437-3957Email:

Brittany joins PCDC as Office Manager. Brittany comes to us most recently from a position as Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Roman Health Ventures.

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Shereen Santalesa, Director of Human Resources

Phone: 212-427-3951Email:

As a seasoned Human Resources Management leader, Shereen Santalesa has curated a rich professional career, bringing deep expertise in human resources, operations, people, culture, and leadership from her work in the nonprofit, corporate, and professional services business sectors.

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Nytoyia Laughlin, Human Resources Generalist

Phone: 212-437-3939Email:

Nytoyia joins PCDC as Human Resources Generalist. She has over 15 years of human resources experience with the last six years being in the non-for-profit sector.

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Natalie Mitchell, Senior Accountant

Phone: 212-437-3953Email:

Natalie joined PCDC in May 2014, and brings with her more than 13 years of nonprofit and corporate accounting experience. She provides loan servicing and audit preparation for PCDC’s New Market Tax Credit program and loan portfolio.

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Lemuel Richards, Accountant

Phone: 212-437-3924Email:

Lemuel joined PCDC's finance team in February 2015 and brings eight years of nonprofit accounting experience. He is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and general accounting support.

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Ephraim Asfaw, CPA, Accounting Manager

Phone: 212-437-3964Email:

Ephraim joins PCDC as Accounting Manager and has over 15 years of work experience in accounting. Previously he has worked as a Senior Accountant, Financial Analysis Manager, Deputy Finance Director, and most recently as a Controller for an international nonprofit organization located in Baltimore, overseeing its accounting operations and annual audit.

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Khurram Rizvi, Budgeting and Financial Planning Analyst

Phone: 212-437-3925Email:

Khurram joined the Finance team in March 2022 as Budget & Financial Planning Analyst. His work experience has been a series of progressive positions in the accounting, food service, retail, and non-profit sectors.

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