Primary Care Research Highlights

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The value of primary care to communities and the health care system has been well established. However, primary care can only be effective if it is accessible.

When developing resources that will enhance the health care system, it is essential to have data that examines disparities in access to and availability of primary care. PCDC conducts applied research to further understanding of primary care access and support policies that increase accessibility and reduce health inequities.

The data and research presented in PCDC’s reports may be used to advocate for policies that promote primary care, inform locations of new primary care facilities, and identify medically underserved communities.

Rural Access to Primary Care in New York State (2019)

This report presents information on primary care access along the rural-urban continuum in New York State. Included are policy recommendations, data summaries, and an overview of key issues facing rural New York.

New York State Primary Care Profile (2018)

This report reviews key measures of primary care access in New York State by county. Also included are data and maps showing health status and socioeconomic position, as well as a correlation analysis between these measures.

New York City Council District Profiles (2017)

These reports capture multiple measures of primary care access and facilities across ten different New York City Council Districts.