Care Coordination

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What is Care Coordination?

Care coordination is intended to maximize the value of care being delivered and ensure that the patient’s needs and preferences are known and addressed. The goal is to provide safer and more effective care by sharing pertinent information among all of the providers involved with the patient.

Providers who practice good care coordination will:

  • Reduce fragmentation of care
  • Help patients access timely, appropriate care
  • Help patients fully engage in their care

Successful care coordination involves full participation and cooperation between the patients, providers, and care systems. PCDC supports successful care coordination by offering services for the systems at large and the providers working within those systems. In particular, PCDC offers:

Care Coordination Training, where PCDC trainers work with care staff to develop the skills needed to provide comprehensive, efficient, and coordinated care.

Coaching and Technical Assistance, where PCDC coaches work with health care organizations to implement operations and processes that will facilitate proper care coordination among care providers.

Essentials of Care Management Course, a two-day training at the PCDC office designed to improve skill and confidence in care management work.