2023 Primary Care Summit

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Watch PCDC’s 2023 Primary Care Summit

Protecting Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Through Primary Care

Thank you to everyone who joined us in support of PCDC and primary care!


Primary care is an essential component of healthy communities; it saves lives, improves individual health, and is critical to achieving health equity.

For women, sexual and reproductive health care is a core element of primary care, essential from childhood through puberty, through reproductive years, and menopause and beyond. Yet in June 2022, when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many women lost access to critical services, including abortion care, contraceptive care, and other sexual and reproductive health care, as abortion was banned in some states and clinics in many parts of the country were forced to close. The loss of these essential services will be felt most by those who already struggle to access health care: low-income women and women of color.  Moreover, as more women are forced to continue pregnancies they would otherwise have ended, it is important to note that Black women will face additional risk as they “are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women.”

In the aftermath of the Dobbs decision, access to reproductive health care has been curtailed and effectively re-apportioned by state, race, and income. How do we address these inequities and ensure access to comprehensive, high-quality primary care for all individuals in every part of our country?

A distinguished panel discussed policy solutions and made recommendations about the role of primary care in ensuring that sexual and reproductive health care services are accessible and equitable for any person who needs them.


Previous Primary Care Summits

2020 Summit

Rebalancing Health Care Spending

Primary care is essential to high-quality care, healthier communities, and lower costs but receives only a tiny slice of health care spending. To build health equity and value-based care delivery, the answer is clear: a high-performing, primary care-focused system. PCDC and national experts discussed what’s at stake — and how states are tackling the issue.

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2019 Summit

Closing the Behavioral Health Integration Gap

The 2019 Summit featured a case study on the East New York Health HUB, a successful co-located integration of the Institute for Community Living and Community Healthcare Network, followed by a formal published study by PCDC.

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