Developing a Health Center: A Guide for Health Center Staff and Boards

Updated: August 24, 2016

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By Author(s): Nancy Lager, Primary Care Development Corporation and Capital Link, 2001

Facility development is a complex endeavor that relies on many different professions: architects, lawyers, contractors, and a host of others you will learn about in this manual. It can be intimidating to realize that you must depend on all these people and pay them a lot of money and yet you may know little about their professions or how to manage them.

While the people you have to assist you with your project will certainly have an interest in its success, the philosophy behind this manual is that youthe health center leadershipmust put yourself in control of your project from the beginning.

No one knows as much about your organization as you do and no one cares about the project as much as you do. This manual will help you understand the process of developing a facility project, and will help you formulate a management approach for success.

This manual gives you the tools to help you select a project manager and outlines what he or she should do. It also explains how to set up the systems that will keep you on top of your project until it’s done.