Webinars October 30, 2020

Solving for Sleep: Addressing Insomnia in Health Centers: Getting Real About What Impacts our Patients’ Sleep

This webinar on solving for sleep covers includes expert clinicians from health centers across the country sharing experience, guidance and discussing concerns about sleep.

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In this webinar, Dr. Julita Mir, CMO of Community Care Cooperative; Lee Ruszczyk, Senior Director of Behavioral Health at Henry J. Austin FQHC; Camille Evans, LMSW, Behavioral Health Consultant and Social Services Manager at Valor Health; and PCDC’s Dr. Andrew Philip focus on the state of sleep impacting their patients’ lives. This interactive listening session is offered by the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) and the SAMHSA Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions.

Download the presentation slides above, or view the free webinar recording hereabout play.