Reports January 14, 2021

Primary Care Access in Los Angeles County Supervisorial District Profiles

This report reviews key measures of primary care access in Los Angeles County by Supervisorial District. Also included are data and maps showing measures of health status, sub-District uninsured rates, and socio-demographic characteristics.

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The Los Angeles County (LAC) Primary Care Access report examines access to and need for primary care services in the five LAC Supervisorial Districts (SD). The report details multiple factors that affect primary care access for Angelenos and the individual SD profiles provide further insights on equity in access to care and health status within each District.

Described inside the report are key measures of primary care access, health status, and population demographics. The data can be used to inform advocacy efforts to support needed primary care services and facility siting in LAC. Supervisorial District-specific data are compared against all Districts as well as the county-wide averages. The report serves as a resource for local primary care advocates and policymakers by contrasting measurable elements of access to quality primary care across Districts.

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