Tip Sheets & Guides April 5, 2018

Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO/GI) Data

To provide holistic care, it is important to collect SO/GI data from patients. This brief covers the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, and provides guidelines and examples for how to respectfully collect this information.

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Integrating SO/GI data into administrative intake and history taking is essential in identifying and understanding health issues that disproportionately affect LGBTQ persons, and for developing services and interventions to reduce them. In order to collect SO/GI data it is important to recognize that sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing and understand how to respectfully broach this topic with patients.

This brief contains recommendations for how care providers can collect SO/GI information in a comfortable and respectful way.

The full brief is available for download by using the Download Resource link above.