Reports January 3, 2022

2022 Primary Care Legislative Trends

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In 2022, PCDC published a review of state legislative efforts on primary care to understand the progress being made at the state level and published a report analyzing those trends.

This report, PCDC’s first on state legislative trends in primary care, focuses on the role of state legislators and governors in strengthening and supporting quality primary care through legislation, and provides a snapshot of some of the major primary care policy trends considered in state legislatures in 2022. PCDC reviewed state legislative efforts on primary care to see what progress is being made at the state level. Our research demonstrates that state lawmakers across the country are beginning to understand the value of primary care and are putting forward policy solutions to achieve better access to high-quality primary care for their communities.

Specifically, this report provides an overview of general trends in primary care policy that were considered or moved in 2022, highlighting one or two specific bills on each topic, and should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular policies. PCDC encourages state lawmakers and advocates to review these 2022 legislative trends and consider which policies might be most effective in addressing their states’ needs.