PCDC Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund

Apply for the Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund

Click to access the Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund application. Review the Behavioral Health Information Page for more background and information. Applications for the loan fund should be submitted to: ResiliencyFund@pcdc.org

Resiliency Fund Usage

The Fund will provide up to $500,000 to cover expenses directly and indirectly attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as investments to support organizations as they prepare to serve their communities going forward. Uses include incurred and anticipated costs associated with PPE, staff (re)hiring and training, facilities redesign, new EHR platforms, expanded technology, and reorganized delivery models (e.g., tele-psychiatry). Uses of the Fund can also be used to cover temporary cashflow shortfalls associated with these events. For loan inquiries, please contact William O’Brien.

In addition, PCDC also offers technical assistance to improve operational efficiencies in a post-COVID environment. Areas of TA include improving telehealth operations, billing and coding, care integration models that include telemedicine, creating a safe environment for patients and staff, and triaging patients for engagement. If interested, please contact ikastenbaum@pcdc.org for a discussion of services and fees.


To be eligible for Behavioral Health Resiliency Fund financing, the applicant must be a NYS-licensed Article 31 or 32 provider. Required information includes evidence of past financial performance, management and organization descriptions, and some details about why the loan is being requested.

About the Funders

Funding for the Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund includes capital from PCDC, the CDFI Fund, Robin Hood, and OFN and Google’s Grow with Google Small Business Fund.

Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund Webinar

PCDC recently presented the Behavioral Health Care Resiliency Fund to the Coalition for Behavioral Health. Access the recording at the link below.

PCDC’s COVID-19 Resources

Through advocacy, investment, and quality transformation, PCDC is committed to helping create the system we need. Learn more about PCDC’s financing options, training and technical assistance services, and tips for implementing telehealth.