Special PCDC Statement: Preserving Access to Reproductive Health Care

Reproductive health care, including abortion, is an essential component of primary care. Yesterday, we learned it is likely that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade later this year. While abortion remains legal throughout the country today, we are deeply concerned about what this means for women’s access to a critical component of primary care in the near future. PCDC remains committed to our core mission: expanding access to quality, patient-centered primary care, for all individuals in every part of our country. Because millions of women and others who can become pregnant may soon lose access to abortion, PCDC is continuing to work with partners to help expand access to this critical service. We call on all health care payers, providers, and policymakers to recognize that sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion services, is part of primary care, and should never be restricted or compromised based on politics or ideology.