PCDC Awarded $900K to Help Improve Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Ryan White imageWith important ramifications for people living with HIV (PLWH), the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) has received $900K through a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) cooperative agreement to help build new business models for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program community organizations.

The three-year “Sustainable Strategies for RWHAP Community Organizations” program will connect AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) with technical assistance, training, and information — and by extension, strengthen HIV care, treatment, and supportive services for PLWH.

PCDC is the only organization currently funded by HRSA for such a program.

Denise Anderson“AIDS service organizations and community-based organizations help keep PLWH engaged in HIV care and treatment,” said Denise Anderson [left], Senior Program Manager at PCDC. “The ‘Sustainable Strategies for RWHAP Community Organizations’ program serves not just to reinforce these organizations, but also to help integrate them within the health care delivery system. Stronger ASOs and CBOs ensure healthier communities.”

The approximately 600 ASOs and CBOs nationwide play an increasingly pivotal role in HIV prevention, care, and treatment. However, changes in policy and funding over two decades have posed threats to these organizations. From navigating fundamental restructuring to diversifying their funding streams, they face mounting challenges — despite their demonstrated expertise in serving marginalized and underserved populations, such as Black and Latino gay men, Black heterosexual women, people who use injection drugs, immigrants, and transgender people.

Long-term success for ASOs and CBOs requires forming strategic partnerships with health care organizations (HCOs) or developing their own health care services to increase linkage, access, and retention in care.

“The goal is to ensure ongoing access to HIV care, treatment, and support services that lead to individual viral load suppression, which decreases the overall community viral load,” Anderson said. “This directly aligns with the HIV Care Continuum Initiative and the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.”

Components of the “Sustainable Strategies for RWHAP Community Organizations” program include:

  • a comprehensive national needs assessment of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded organizations
  • an annual national webinar
  • multiple online learning modules
  • a learning community series titled “Step by Step: Enhancing ASO/CBO Models for Health Care Integration”
  • a training and technical assistance request and response system
  • national dissemination of training materials and tools

Through its partnerships and in-house expertise, PCDC will provide in-depth training and technical assistance to help community organizations explore and adopt new service delivery and business models, such as expanding services, integrating third party billing systems, developing contractual relationships with HCOs, and becoming HCOs themselves.


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