Henry J. Austin Health Center (HJAHC)

Trauma-Informed Care is One Key to Equitable Health Care

Holistic, trauma-informed practices are the foundation for patient-centered care at Henry J. Austin Health Center (HJAHC), the largest non-hospital based ambulatory care provider in Trenton, New Jersey, and an important key to advancing health equity. PCDC recently closed on a $3.65M recapitalization loan to refinance an existing PCDC loan to HJAHC, as well as fund renovations and construction for their main site. New space within the main site includes construction of a behavioral health counseling suite, three multi-purpose rooms for group therapy, patient education and provider and staff training, and expanded pharmacy.

HJAHC is vital to the community and patient population living in Trenton, New Jersey. In 2011, Capital Health, the largest hospital system in Mercer County relocated the larger of its two hospitals to a more suburban area. As a result, HJAHC absorbed much of the patients displaced by Capital Health’s departure.

A recent needs assessment indicated a 17-year gap between the highest and lowest life expectancy in the county. This stark difference indicates that health is unevenly distributed throughout the county. Trenton’s residents have higher rates of cancer, HIV, and other chronic conditions, as well as higher risk factors for adverse health than other residents in Mercer County.

“As the only Federally Qualified Health Center in Mercer County, HJAHC serves a critical role for our population. Far too often patients from communities like Trenton are overlooked and made to feel they are not worthy of beautiful places to live, work, and play. These renovation and construction projects allow us to see more patients while operating in a dignified, beautiful, and restorative facility. Our patients — and our community — deserve this,” said Kemi Alli, MD, Chief Executive Officer of HJAHC.

PCDC’s work with HJAHC constituted a “whole-house” approach – providing financing to the organization to help them implement Trauma-Informed Care, which was followed by advisory services provided by PCDC’s consulting team to help implement the model.

”We’re proud to work with HJAHC,” said William O’Brien, Managing Director of Capital Investment at PCDC. “PCDC is dedicated to uplifting health centers in providing high-quality, coordinated, cost-effective healthcare to improve the lives of their communities served.”

Capital Financing Partners include Bank of America.