Behavioral Health Integration

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Participants in a Team-Based Care training led by PCDC

Integrating primary and behavioral health services empowers both patients and staff to engage in whole-person care. Across the country, primary care practices and behavioral health clinics are creating integrated models to address patient needs in a thoughtful and holistic way.

However, the process of integrating and partnering for whole-person care can be complex. PCDC’s comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of integrating primary and behavioral health — and helps ensure maximum effectiveness.

PCDC’s tools and trainings are customizable depending on the client’s needs and can be offered onsite or remotely. Contact us to learn more.

Trainings Offered:

  • Addressing Chronic Pain Through Integrated Care
  • Behavioral Health Clinicians: Addressing Chronic Disease
  • Brief Behavioral Interventions
  • Brief Integrated Care Visits
  • Burnout Prevention: Leveraging Integrated Teams
  • Care Management and Team-Based Care
  • Designing Spaces for Integrated Care
  • Developing Clinical Pathways in Integrated Care
  • Documentation for Integrated Care
  • Effective Integrated Care Workflow
  • Electronic Health Records and Data Management
  • Evaluating the Impact of Integrated Care
  • Expanding the Integrated Care Team: Team Roles and Collaboration
  • Finding the Right Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration Model
  • Improving Access and Decreasing Wait Time
  • Increasing Utilization and Referrals to the Behavioral Health Consultant
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Consultants 101
  • Leadership in Integrated Care: What Your Teams Need from You
  • Making a 30-Minute Visit a Reality
  • Making the Pitch: Getting Leadership Support for Integrated Care
  • Managing the New Frontier: Supporting and Leading Integrated Care Staff
  • Motivational Interviewing for Health Behavior Change
  • Open Access and Same-Day Care
  • Partnering for Success: Co-Located Operations
  • Peers in Integrated Primary Care
  • Primary Care Providers Working in Behavioral Health 101
  • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment
  • Strategic Planning and Executive Support for Integrated Care
  • Supervision in Integrated Care
  • The Key Three: Insomnia, Weight Management, and Chronic Pain
  • The Right Fit: Hiring and Retaining Behavioral Health Staff in Primary Care
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Warm Hand-Offs and Team Consultation

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