Operationalizing Integration SAMHSA Webinar Series

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Putting Integration Best Practices to Work

There are many components to integrated care, but how do you leverage the right ones for the clients you serve? Integration is expansive and includes aspects beyond behavioral health and primary care—it includes standing up multi-faceted responsive services that meet the needs of the individuals you serve in comprehensive ways. Identifying how you and your organization can operationalize the types of care that progress beyond the traditional pathways of integration is critical for your clients and your own sustainability.

Join us and experts from the field as we explore practical ways to integrate best practices such as workforce challenges, client sexual and reproductive health needs, and more!

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Collaborative Care Management Foundations: A 101 Primer on the Practices and Possibilities


John Kern, MD, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington

Join us for an exploration of the basics of Collaborative Care Management (CoCM), a practice model that serves as a pillar for many organizations within the integration landscape. This special session of our Operationalizing Integration SAMHSA Webinar Series will feature Dr. John Kern, of the AIMS Center at University of Washington, who will provide the information you need to understand the evidence, principles, and concrete functions of CoCM. If you are interested in or considering CoCM as a model for your organization, you won’t want to miss this webinar!


Mitigating Burnout through Integrated Healthcare:

Our Present State and Ideas to Enhance Professional Well-Being


Chantal M. Brazeau, MD, Chief Wellness Officer, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, Assistant Dean for Faculty Vitality, New Jersey Medical School and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry, New Jersey Medical School

Noa’a Shimoni, MD, Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellness, Rutgers University, Associate Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Medical Director, Student Health Services and Assistant Professor, New Jersey Medical School

Increased trauma is being reported from those working in behavioral health and primary care to all the providers and staff in between. It’s time to be honest about where we are so we can mitigate harm and identify the systematic options that can be leveraged to create change. Join our expert presenters for an informed discussion of both the state of our providers and a real-world case study on how operationalizing integration methodologies of collaboration and communication benefited one healthcare team. Together, let’s explore how integrated care can be leveraged in support of youthe provider.


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