Meet the Performance Improvement Team

Isaac Kastenbaum, MPA, Vice President

Phone: 212-437-3911Email:

Isaac Kastenbaum is the Vice President of the Clinical and Quality Partners team and a member of the organization’s senior executive team. Isaac joined PCDC in 2020 to deepen its expertise in primary care transformation and value-based payment and to expand the breadth of partners, stakeholders, and communities where PCDC could have an impact.

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Deborah Johnson Ingram, MPH, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3935Email:

Deborah Johnson Ingram is a Senior Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2010 to support Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition and practice facilitation efforts.

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Dane Ligoure, MA, MBA, PCMH CCE, Director of Operations

Phone: 212-437-3926Email:

Dane Ligoure is Director of Operations in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. He joined PCDC in 2003 as a project coordinator, supporting primary care practices to improve clinical outcomes.

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Henrietta Croswell, MPH, Senior Director

Phone: 212-437-3938Email:

Henrietta Croswell is a Senior Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2012 to support the unit’s Patient-Centered Medical Home and practice facilitation efforts.

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Maia Bhirud Morse, MPH, CPC, Director

Phone: 212-437-3913Email:

Maia Bhirud Morse is a Director in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2012 to grow the organization’s focus on practice operations, school-based health, and medical coding for quality.

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Judy Lipshutz, MSW, RN, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3912Email:

Judy Lipshutz is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; she joined PCDC in 2017 to support providers’ efforts to integrate sexual and reproductive health, HIV, and STI prevention into primary care services. 

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Oscar Marquez, M.Ed., Senior Program Manager and Project Director

Phone: 212-437-3921Email:

Oscar Marquez is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2017 to expand the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) program.

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Kimberly Mirabella, CPC-A, PCMH CCE, Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3931Email:

Kimberly Mirabella is a Project Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2006 as an administrative assistant and developed a passion for PCDC’s health care focus. 

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Chaim Shmulewitz, Senior Project Manager

Phone: 212-437-3960Email:

Chaim Shmulewitz is a Senior Project Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team; he joined PCDC in 2015 as a project coordinator to assist with operations across the unit.

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Anuja Solanki, Senior Program Manager

Phone: 212-437-3965Email:

Anuja Solanki is a Senior Program Manager in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2017 to support primary care practice transformation through coaching for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition; quality improvement and data reporting; and electronic medical record (EMR) utilization and optimization.

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Yael S. Lipton, MPH, MCHES, Training and Curriculum Development Specialist

Phone: 212-437-3949Email:

Yael Lipton is a Training and Curriculum Development Specialist in the Clinical and Quality Partners team. She joined PCDC in 2016 to expand the organization’s training capacities in sexual and reproductive health, care coordination, motivational interviewing, patient-centered care, and health literacy.

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