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Coaching and Technical Assistance

Care coordination technical assistance, coaching, and consulting

Organizations implementing a care coordination or care management program must set up processes, work flows, and operations that support the work of the program and optimize the skills of each team member, thereby improving patient outcomes. Care coordination looks different in each organization, and our team is familiar with the many different models that exist, including what works well, what challenges can occur, and how to avoid and solve common challenges.

Our team of coaches has helped dozens of organizations with the following:

  • Determine care team roles and responsibilities
  • Implement team-based care internal to organizations and across various service providers
  • Use data to evaluate clinical care and outcomes for individuals and populations
  • Improve communication between team members
  • Quality improvement
  • Improve continuity of care

Who will be our coach or consultant?

One or more members of our team will be assigned, who have helped dozens of organizations implement effective and efficient care coordination programs. They are knowledgeable about all of the different models used, the most common challenges organizations face, and how to avoid or tackle those challenges.

How will coaching work?

Your coaching team will meet with you in person, virtually, or a combination. The coach will then help you set goals, explore your challenges, and help you assemble and train your change team (the people who will be responsible for implementing changes and measuring them).

The coach will then guide you through PDSA cycles (Plan, Do, Study, Act) to help you test different strategies and determine how best to accomplish the goals. The coach will offer as much assistance as needed to help your change team implement, measure, and evaluate these new processes. They may also help you work better as a team and optimize existing and new protocols and procedures, by gathering and analyzing data to monitor effectiveness.