Community Investment Advisory Resources

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Capital Investment Advisory Services – For Providers

PCDC’s Capital Investment staff are available to offer strategic guidance to help providers consider options to meet their capacity expansion goals. We help health centers lay the groundwork for successful development projects, whether they involve upgrades to existing sites, or expansion through the establishment of one or more new sites.

We typically engage with individual health centers around project planning and project funding.

Project Planning

Facility expansion projects are complex undertakings. PCDC helps management consider the various elements that go into project planning, such as:

  • Site location
  • Timetable expectations
  • Key project principals, such as development and financial consultants, architects, and contractors
  • Capital and operating financial budgeting and modeling

Project Funding

We assist providers in considering various funding options, including grant funding, debt financing, and tax-advantage financing (e.g., New Markets Tax Credits). PCDC provides guidance to providers on their debt capacity and elements necessary for them to prepare for debt financing and meet lenders’ financing requirements.

Capital Investment Advisory Services – For Primary Care Associations and Funders

Over the years, we have worked with primary care associations, foundations, and government agencies to establish and administer funding programs, such as capital grants and loan funds. Examples of our work include:

  • The Collaborative for Healthy Communities – A $40 million national loan fund partnership between PCDC, Low-Income Investment Fund, Reinvestment Fund, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, The Kresge Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation.
  • The New York State Community Health Center Capital Grant Program – A $10 million grant pool from New York State, administered by PCDC, which leveraged an additional $32 million in private capital to complete 14 health center projects across New York State.

PCDC offers webinars and educational presentations on an array of project development and funding topics. Examples of our presentations include:

  • “Developing a Capital Investment Plan That Works”
  • “Achieving Success with a Capital Project”
  • “Community Health Center Investing in an Era of Delivery System and Payment Reform”

We are available to speak at conferences, meetings, and convenings.

Capital Development and Financing Resources

PCDC’s resources include reference materials for providers considering capacity expansion, including physical expansion and staffing considerations. We also offer reports that can help stakeholders better understand health centers’ operating environments and the link between primary care access and health equity. A full list of our resources can be found in our resources section.

Capital Development “Developing a Health Center: A Guide for Health Center Staff and Boards”
This manual describes the process of developing a facility project and formulating a management approach for success.
Financing & Operating Environment “Community Health Center Growth and Sustainability:State Profiles from the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States”
PCDC, with support from the RCHN Community Health Foundation, has prepared a unique report to help stakeholders better understand the community health center operating environment.
Financing & Operating Environment Health Center Financial Check-Up: Prescriptions for Strengthening New York’s Diagnostic and Treatment Centers
According to this report prepared by PCDC and supported by the New York State Health Foundation, New York’s nonprofit health centers as a whole are in financial distress.