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30 Years, 30 Stories
PCDC’s Impact on Primary Care

The Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a leader in primary care investment, capacity building, and policy and advocacy. We’ve had a busy and impactful 30 years since our founding in 1993, and it’s time to celebrate with 30 stories of PCDC’s impact.

Over the course of our history, we’ve brought nearly $1.5 billion in capital and investments, as well as technical assistance and training, to more than 5,000 primary care practices, improving the care experience in communities nationwide. Our comprehensive approach makes better, more equitable, and more accessible primary care a reality—particularly for communities of color, rural communities, and other historically marginalized communities.

These 30 stories are an illustration of the tangible outcomes of PCDC’s work and the unique contributions of our clients to the field of primary care.