Staff Spotlight: Leading Behind the Scenes

Categories: Capacity Building
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PCDC’s Performance Improvement (PI) Practice is comprised of 21 experts in public health. Their diverse knowledge areas range from social work and HIV prevention to psychiatry and nursing. The PI team works collaboratively to improve health outcomes for patients and communities across the United States.

Keeping the team organized and efficient is Dane Ligoure, MA, MBA, PCMH CCE (pictured). Now PI’s Director of Operations, Ligoure has been integral to PCDC’s growth, strategy, and success during his 16 years on staff.

Recently he discussed his role at PCDC, the future of the organization, and why PCDC has been such an important part of his life.

You have your hands in most everything happening on the PI team. Can you summarize your role and day-to-day responsibilities? 

My responsibilities range from negotiating contracts to changing light bulbs. I handle the team’s budgets, vendor contracts, and staffing allocations. I manage consultants, develop our products and services, and engage in high-level strategic planning. Over the years I’ve also become the team’s de facto information technology consultant in addition to managing whatever miscellaneous projects come my way, and these tasks are only a portion of my role at PCDC.

Essentially I’m always ready and willing to do whatever is needed for my team to be successful.

Your role is integral to PCDC’s strategic planning and business development. What growth opportunities are you most excited for in PCDC’s future? 

I am excited that PCDC is making concentrated and targeted efforts to take the great work we have been doing in New York State to other parts of the country. I know we can take the lessons and processes we’ve established here and use them to advance equitable health care across the United States.

And for purely selfish reasons, I am most excited about our expansion and growth opportunities in California and Louisiana. Originally I’m from Trinidad and Tobago where the weather is 85 degrees and sunny all year round. I came to New York City for college about 20 years ago, and even after two decades I am still not used to the cold weather here!

You’ve been at PCDC for 16 years — what keeps you here?

Ligoure and Deborah Johnson Ingram, MPH, representing PCDC at a conference

Easy: the people. I work with a great team of passionate, smart, and caring individuals. It also helps that I have always had great leadership that truly cares about my personal and professional well-being.

It’s important to me that I develop meaningful relationships with everyone I work with. Outside of my blood family, I spend the most time with my coworkers, so building those relationships has been one of the best parts of working at PCDC. I consider many of my work colleagues to be like my family.

Do you have a favorite PCDC memory?

Definitely meeting Patricia Simino Boyce. She was the first Managing Director of PI and meeting her literally changed my life for the better. Today I am privileged to call her my mentor — and more importantly my friend.

Our relationship is just one example of how building relationships with my colleagues at PCDC has been so impactful in my life.