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New Findings: Historic Redlining Drives Health Disparities for New Yorkers

[…] to persistent disparities in health and socioeconomic status across the city. The Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) has released new findings that examine the lasting effects of redlining in NYC. In 1938, the Homeowner’s Loan Corporation created so called “residential security maps” to guide entities toward practicing “responsible lending.” Neighborhoods deemed “hazardous” for lending […]

PCDC Testimony: Preserving New York’s Primary Care Safety Net Through COVID-19 and Beyond

[…] 2020 research using New York City-wide data on COVID-19 incidence. These findings, while unsurprising, are alarming and warrant heightened attention and swift action. The historic practice of redlining or systemic disinvestment in Black communities almost 70 years ago continue to impact communities today. Current rates of uninsured adults are over three times higher, and […]

PCDC: Community Reinvestment Act Changes Can Undermine Community Health Investments

Community Reinvestment Act

[…] them healthy.” The CRA was enacted in 1977 to help counter informal and institutional prejudice in mortgage and business lending, including preventing the racist practice known as “redlining.” PCDC’s comments highlighted concerns that the proposed revisions would undermine the spirit of the CRA to invest in under-resourced communities and render highly impactful activities that […]

PCDC Receives $10 Million Impact Investment to Help Close Primary Health Care Deficit in Underserved Communities

[…] preventive care Communities of color, which have fewer primary care providers and facilities, have been exceptionally hard hit by COVID-19 Historic racist and discriminatory policies such as redlining have left Black communities deeply underinvested and under-resourced, including lack of access to quality primary care PCDC, in collaboration with its many community partners, is committed […]