NYC 10 Council District Primary Care Access Profiles

Updated: September 25, 2017

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Primary Care Access Profiles

Council District Access MapPCDC has identified key measures of access to primary care, intended to identify gaps in access, support advocacy for additional primary care services, and inform siting of new primary care facilities. The City Council Primary Care Profiles utilize existing data sources to identify primary care facilities and services in ten NYC Council Districts and to contrast measurable elements of access to quality primary care across Districts.

What’s in the Profile?

Each Primary Care Profile presents key measures of primary care access for adult residents living in the respective Council District. These measures include the ability to gain entry to the primary care system by having health insurance, to access sites and receive services, and to find providers who meet patient needs and can establish an ongoing relationship. The profiles do not include information on health status or social determinants of health for the Council District residents, which may be included in primary care access analytics.

Available Profiles

Council District 3 Council District 8
Council District 10 Council District 11
Council District 13 Council District 21
Council District 28 Council District 40
Council District 42 Council District 51