Introduction to the Community Health Sector

Updated: August 22, 2016

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By Primary Care Development Corporation

PCDC logo Blue NOTAG_FINAL 071114The health care sector, one-sixth of the U.S. economy, is shifting towards community-based care, creating new investment opportunities for CDFIs. This shift is the product of market forces and public policies such as federal health care reform that are striving to improve the quality of health care outcomes while reducing costs. In this session, presented at the 2011 Opportunity Finance Conference, practitioners with years of community health investment experience covered the basics of the sector, including the key players, the investment opportunities available to CDFIs, the healthcare and economic benefits of these investments, and basic underwriting and risk considerations associated with the sector. This session served as an introduction to financing and structure “Financing and Structuring Community Health Care Projects” session.

Session Leader:
Tom Manning, PCDC

Session Panelists:
Allison Coleman, Capital Link
Joe Fitzmaurice, Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care, Office of Policy and Program Development