Webinars May 30, 2024

Using a High-Performing Team to Successfully Achieve Integrated Care Tip Sheet

Missed the webinar or want to review some of the key takeaways? Then check out the tip sheet that highlights how your organization can achieve excellence through integration.

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In this webinar, Dr. Eboni Winford, Director of Research and Health Equity at Cherokee Health Systems (CHS), discussed how your organization can achieve excellence through integration. Dr. Winford is the Clinical Director for CHS’s National Consultation and Training Program, which provides tailored training for community health organizations, and co-founder of REACCH, a collaboration between CHS and the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Dr. Eboni Winford shared her experience implementing integrated care at CHS. She also described ways in which leaders can demonstrate support for integrated care and discussed how to recruit and retain strong team members. Additionally, Dr. Winford demonstrated how Rogers’ Innovation Adoption Curve can be used to identify individual team members’ readiness to implement integrated care. This session included practical tips on primary care and behavioral health integration.

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