Gala Honoree Spotlight: Kenneth A. Burdick

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A forthright belief guides Kenneth A. Burdick: Everyone deserves a healthy life.

It is the defining theme of his nearly four decades in health care, including today at WellCare Health Plans.

As CEO, Burdick leads a mission to provide quality, government-sponsored care solutions for 4.4 million members nationwide, namely families, children, seniors, and those with complex medical needs.

In advance of being honored at the PCDC 25th Anniversary Gala on Monday, June 4, he sat down with PCDC to answer three questions.

PCDC: You have held high-profile leadership positions in health care. To what do you attribute your interest in this industry?

KB: I fell in love with the health care industry during my first job out of college. The fast pace, the relevance of health care to our economy, our society and to each of us personally – it was right where I wanted to be. And that passion never changed. Even today, I find my greatest fulfillment comes from helping our members live better, healthier lives. I’m proud of WellCare’s mission and believe we are making a real difference.

WellCare serves 4.3 million members nationwide, namely families, children, seniors, and those with complex medical needs. What are some of the specific achievements you’re proudest of?

I always answer this question by starting close to home. In our associate opinion survey last year, 86% of our associates responded that they are proud to work for WellCare. I believe this has a lot to do with putting our associates first, which in turn encourages the best possible member experience. I’m also proud of WellCare’s approach to holistic, coordinated care. We work with our members to manage physical and behavioral health as well as pharmacy and other social aspects of their lives. To me, this is one of WellCare’s most significant accomplishments and will continue to be a hallmark of how we engage with our members in the future.

What does being a PCDC Gala honoree mean to you?

PCDC’s primary focus – to bring culturally competent and high-quality care to underserved communities – is something close to my heart. I am proud to be recognized amongst these leaders who hold a similar passion. I also want to acknowledge my co-honorees and industry champions Rose Duhan, President and CEO of Community Health Care Association of New York State, and LaRay Brown, CEO of One Brooklyn Health and President and CEO of Interfaith Medical Center. Their outstanding work to create healthier, more equitable communities is unparalleled.

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