DSRIP PPS Primary Care Plans to be Implemented

Categories: Policy, Technical Assistance
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PCDC’s “Principles of Primary Care” Inform State Action

Primary care is essential to achieving success in New York State’s $7.4 billion Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program (DSRIP), and so is measuring primary care investment and progress through DSRIP.


The NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) now requires all DSRIP participating provider systems (PPS’s) to develop and implement “Primary Care Plans.” These plans will assess the current status of primary care in their networks, detail plans for reaching primary care milestones and report on progress made to improve primary care access and capacity.

PCDC collaborated with NYSDOH on the development of plan requirements, which aim to create a stronger and more sustainable system of primary care through a series of strategically connected projects.

Largely based on the “Principles for Primary Care Success” released by PCDC last February, the PPS Primary Care Plans seek to address the following fundamentals:

  1. Assessment of primary care capacity, performance, needs and overarching plan
  2. How primary care workforce transformation will be supported
  3. Role of primary care in the integrated delivery system
  4. How PPS’s will enable value-based payment for primary care
  5. How “funds flow” supports the PPS’ primary care strategies
  6. How the PPS is progressing toward integrating primary care and behavioral health

“DSRIP is a complex and lengthy process, and we are hopeful that it will result in more, higher quality, and better resourced primary care than what we have now,” said PCDC CEO Louise Cohen. “We are very encouraged that NYSDOH is requiring PPS’s to measure and report progress on primary care as a whole, and we look forward to working with the State and PPS’s to make sure that primary care remains at the center of health care delivery system transformation and payment reform.”

For more information on PPS Primary Care plans and a timeline of activities, read the NYSDOH “Introduction to the PPS Primary Care Plan.”