Meaningful Use Explained

Doc and Tablet
The Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs were established by CMS beginning in 2011 to encourage eligible professionals and hospitals to adopt, implement, upgrade, and demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology.

Meaningful use is using EHR technology to improve clinical outcomes and population health. Done right, it can facilitate the secure sharing of pertinent medical information between the patient, the primary care physician, and any other providers actively involved in managing the patient’s care. As a result, EHRs and meaningful use are a key component in creating a patient-centered medical home.

PCDC has supported more than 50 primary care organizations in their efforts to adopt, implement and optimize health IT, including health information exchange, clinical decision support, e-prescribing and telehealth. To help health care organizations implement and demonstrate meaningful use, PCDC experts are able to:

  • Support implementation of health information exchange, patient portals, personal health records and e-prescribing
  • Support adoption of care coordination processes within care teams, including population health and chronic disease management through adapting the EHR to include relevant information
  • Support design and implementation of referral/specialty coordination, provider communication through electornic processes
  • Support panel management and population health through analysis and reporting on EHR data