Patient-Centered Medical Home

There has been growing consensus for the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) as a solution to containing healthcare costs and promoting high-quality patient-centered care. The PCMH is a model of primary care delivery which provides accessible, continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive services to patients. Many providers, especially those caring for low-income patients, will need substantial assistance to reach the standards and produce the measures needed to gain PCMH recognition.  

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PCDC Logo Online Medical Home Solutions for Safety Net Providers PCDC, 2012 Online five-course series walks through the standards and guidelines of the NCQA 2011 PCMH Program.
PCMH Medical Home Toolkit Cover Obtaining Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition: A How-To Manual Cari Reiner, MPA; Rachel Sacks, MPH; Regina Neal, MS, MPH PCDC, 2009 PCDC’s How-To Manual offers a comprehensive project management framework for providers and practices seeking medical home recognition from the NCQA.

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ACP Logo Guidelines for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition and Accreditation Programs AAFP; AAP; ACP; and AOA, 2011 In this white paper produced by the four primary care physician societies, recommendations are given to assist with the development and use of PCMH recognition and accreditation programs.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Logo Building Your Medical Home Toolkit National Center for Medical Home Implementation American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011 The toolkit supports the development and/or improvement of a pediatric medical home.

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Health Affairs Journal Cover Reinventing Medicaid: State Innovations to Qualify and Pay for Patient-Centered Medical Homes Show Promising Results Mary Takach, MPA Health Affairs, 2011 Takach's report explores how recent PCMH initiatives using qualification standards and financial incentives are starting to show an impact in access to care, quality, and cost control.

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